MediStreams reconciles healthcare remittances for accelerated payment posting

Emergency EOB Solution

Providers, if you're dealing with disrupted payment processing due to the cyberattack on Change Healthcare, MediStreams can help. Check out our emergency solution that converts PDF EOBs retrieved from payer portals into 835/ERA files for immediate posting.

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MediStreams transforms manual, inefficient processes into automated workflows to reduce the time and cost of getting paid.


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We simplify the complex process of receiving, posting, and reconciling all payments.

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  • 10,000+


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Our Differentiators

  • Proprietary rules and logic built into our platform allow clients to manage, automate and accurately capture and reconcile all payments; both paper and electronic.
  • Our library of 500+ configurable, reusable Integrations provide connectivity to our clients' existing banks, clearinghouses, and practice management software.
  • Process virtually all payers, reduce costs, and maximize data accuracy.
  • Rapid implementation with accelerated speed to value with measurable ROI.

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“MediStreams is a healthcare revenue cycle management solution that automates the payment posting and reconciliation processes for 100% of a provider’s payments, whether they arrive electronically or on paper.”


Who We Serve

MediStreams enjoys strong alliances, foundational business relationships and strategic partnerships throughout the healthcare RCM space. These relationships are hugely valued and play an integral role in our success.

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