Leveraging technology solutions positions a clearinghouse to expand their transaction sets by handling 100% of their customer’s payments

Clearinghouses are integral to healthcare providers to forward claim information to insurance companies. By partnering with MediStreams, clearinghouses can offer, along with their other services, automated processes for posting all type payments; including insurance payments, patient payments, legal reimbursements, clinical trial payments, and others.


Strengthen client relationships and provide added value

The function of a clearinghouse is to electronically process medical claims to ensure a fast turnaround and accurate reimbursements. Clearinghouses partner with remittance automation partners to provide the capability to manage and reconcile all payment types. MediStreams library of highly configurable solutions completes the RCM workflow for clearinghouses and enables the management of payments; paper and electronic. As well, we provide tools to work correspondence in a digital format and auto reconcile EFTs to ERAs.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides complete end-to-end payment processing
  • Manages both paper and electronic payments
  • MediStreams acts as an extension of the client’s RCM team
  • Unique revenue opportunities with partner programs

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