Reduce costs and save time with auto reconciling of bank funds – EFT and ERA matching

Reduce the time it takes to verify funds deposited to your bank account with an auto-reconciling process matching EFTs and ERAs. Identify pending or reconciled remits with a quick, easy reporting feature. Receive 835 posting files once matched.

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Matching EFTs to ERAs for funded 835 files

Manually matching payments to their proper amount in the billing system is a tedious task. MediStreams’ Reconciliation service allows payments to be received through an automated workflow. The payment information is received from EDI 820 or NACHA files and compares them to received 835 ERA files. The payments and the ERAs are matched on specific criteria, to ensure the funds are in the bank. Remove the manual processes of reconciling and let technology do the work for you, saving time and money.

Key Benefits:

  • Analytics for search and retrieval for both pending and reconciled remittances
  • Automated process that matches EFTs to ERAs to deliver a funded 835 posting file
  • Continuous processing which operates 24/7
  • Unmatched EFTs and ERAs remain on the web portal in a pending status for client review


Innovative system platform designed for fast deployment of customer setups and customization.

Web portal for convenient and secure access to your images and data. Includes a ten-year retention.

A workflow management module for payments and correspondence.

Administrative module for Admins for user setup, maintenance and assignment of features and tasks for each user.

Reports available for access to all data received through the system.

MediStreams has gone above and beyond to meet our practice’s needs. From day one, they have been 100% accessible and helpful. You can sense that they really do care and do want to help your practice achieve maximum efficiency.”
pediatric provider
I appreciate everything you have done for us and all the troubleshooting and research that has gone into making MediStreams work for our payment posting team. You have done an excellent job helping with any issues we had along the way!
Dermatology Practice

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