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MediStreams Medical Lockbox Grows in Popularity. Speed-up and simplify the collection and processing of healthcare payments. 

MediStreams, a leader in the RCM market, offers full end-to-end payment processing services that reduce manual, time-consuming, error prone tasks for healthcare billing facilities.

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MediStreams to Grow Service Offerings Through Acquisition - MediStreams Acquires PaperHost, an Enterprise Document Management Company.

MediStreams, a Revenue Cycle Management company, announces the acquisition of PaperHost, a cloud hosted Document Management company. MediStreams is an established leader in remittance processing for healthcare providers. Using proprietary technology, MediStreams improves the speed and accuracy with which payments (both paper and electronic) are posted to the accounting systems at provider sites.

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MediStreams Exhibits at Leading Healthcare Tradeshows - MediStreams - One healthcare platform handles all payments - paper and electronic.

Over the past ten years MediStreams has grown to be a leader in the industry. They integrate with most of the industry leading patient accounting and practice management systems to deliver payment-posting files that meet the distinct requirements of physician groups, hospitals, labs, billing companies and clinics.

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MediStreams Combines Technology and Automation for Healthcare Payment Reconciliation.

So, what’s the solution? The MediStreams platform serves as a gateway to ingest the ERAs and EFT payments for reconciliation. The technology connects the payment information in the ERA to the payment information received from the provider’s bank. Then, continuously throughout the day truly funded posting 835 files arrive securely at the provider’s location for auto-posting. Remaining, unmatched payments and remittances appear as pending on the portal for client review to leave in the pending status, mark as an exception or force reconcile and release. The service offers the greatest opportunities for improved efficiencies.

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MediStreams Enhances Indexed Correspondence for Healthcare Providers.

All correspondence is stored in the online, secure portal where a status for each document can be assigned such as complete, follow-up, or in progress. A robust online indexing tool provides the answer for the billing staff to process new correspondence quickly and easily. And, if you need the images and data for import to another internal system, an automated extractor can prepare a customized file for import.

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MediStreams chooses IBM Cloud for healthcare provider billing solutions.

MediStreams, a healthcare revenue cycle management (HRCM) solution fills the niche of remittance processing in the revenue cycle of healthcare providers. The company's HIPAA-compliant solutions dramatically lower the cost of processing payments in the billing office.

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MediStreams Medical Lockbox Expands Traditional Lockbox Services.

MediStreams, an RCM company, officially announces release of their Medical Lockbox Version 2.1, owned and developed by MediStreams. Physician and hospital billing entities require innovative solutions to keep the financial processes running smoothly to optimize cash flow and effectively manage the revenue cycle. MediStreams Medical Lockbox is healthcare specific and geared to address the nuances of healthcare documents and the remittance payment process.

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MediStreams Releases New Online Configuration Engine.


MediStreams, a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (HRCM) company, expands their proprietary Configuration Engine; a tool for rapid configuration of custom outputs, commercial 835 / ERA payments and patient payment posting files. Designed and developed by MediStreams, the Configuration Engine allows for rapid deployment of ERA Normalization rules for posting files.

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MediStreams Simplifies ERA Normalization and Correspondence.

MediStreams understands the complexity of healthcare billing and the many facets of the revenue cycle. Billing companies, physician groups, labs and health systems gain benefits of enhanced compliance and regulatory rules with a seamless delivery of posting files, customized for their billing software or other internal systems.

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Budding Growth In The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Arena. 

MediStreams, a developer of revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers, reported a surge in business growth with the recent roll-out of their newest line of billing solutions that streamlines and increases revenue flow in the healthcare arena.

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MediStreams To Exhibit at AAHAM 2017

AAHAM is the perfect venue for MediStreams to showcase their suite of products and services designed to automate the entire remittance and payment process. The MediStreams team looks forward to networking and sharing how our solutions can resolve challenges for healthcare billing offices to successfully apply payments, reduce costs and alleviate manual inefficiencies.

Top 7 Reasons to Automate Payment Processes

  1. Cloud based with no paper to manage and store
  2. Advanced analytical tools for research and trending
  3. Integration to existing practice management and clearinghouse vendors

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Choosing a Bank for Healthcare Lockbox Services

Transactional medical banking services have been embraced by a substantial number of financial institutions. Since the largest national banks brought attention and notoriety to the solution by spending tens of millions of dollars to acquire remittance automation vendors, competing banks have been scrambling to get viable solutions in the healthcare space.


How To Cut Costs On Paper Remittance Processing? Automation!

There is strong anecdotal evidence that although paper remittances are only about 30% of a healthcare provider’s remittances, paper requires up to 80% of the provider’s remittance processing resources.


Billing Companies Benefit from Automated Remittance Processing

MediStreams signs billing company serving as a centralized office for numerous providers.


All Healthcare Specialties Benefit from MediStreams Services

MediStreams signs one of the largest physical therapy organizations that provides the highest quality orthopedic rehabilitation services in the Midwest.


Reconciliation Module Added to MediStreams Vault

MediStreams recently launched a reconciliation module adding to their existing portfolio of products. eReconcile standardizes inbound payments and remittance files.


MediStreams Joined Panel of Industry Experts at IOFM Payments Summit

MediStreams joined a Panel of Industry Experts at the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) Payments Summit. The Panel of Industry Experts discussed ‘Trends in Healthcare Payments Automation’.


Availity Offers Auto-Posting Service

New service offering converts paper ‘Explanation of Benefits’ forms to a standard digital format for easier, more accurate payment reconciliation.


SunTrust eClaim Solution Helps Healthcare Providers Significantly Improve Efficiencies in Payments and Claims Processing

SunTrust Banks, Inc. (NYSE: STI) today announced the introduction of eClaim Revenue Gateway (eClaim), a healthcare receivables solution for medical providers, clinics and hospitals of all sizes.


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