Go paperless! Work all correspondence in one central, web portal

Incoming documents are automatically sorted as true correspondence. This includes but not limited to denial letters, patient pre-certification, RAC Audits, or appeal letters; as well as any non-EOB paper communication. Easily view and index the documents with information such as payer, patient, document type, and others; then route for appropriate actions or tasks.

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Index all non-payment correspondence in an organized manner

Medical correspondence such as denials, patient pre-certifications, and appeal letters are critical to the healthcare revenue cycle workflow. The challenge is where they are stored can be costly and may raise security concerns. All correspondence images received from the provider’s lockbox are loaded into the web portal. This provides the capability to work the correspondence electronically and route items to a user for appropriate tasks. Our web portal indexing tools allow document indexing by patient name, status, document type (appeal, denial, 1099, etc.) and others.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the need for confidential paper storage
  • Quickly identifies and routes correspondence for later use
  • Simple pricing model with no surprise fees
  • Experienced staff


Web portal for convenient and secure access to your images and data. Includes a ten-year retention.

Data and image output is customized and securely transmitted for import to an existing document management system.

A workflow management module for payments and correspondence.

Store, index and work correspondence on line with access to all document images that are not directly associated with a payment.

Administrative module for Admins for user setup, maintenance and assignment of features and tasks for each user.

Indexed Correspondence gives us the ability to automate the status of correspondence items so that transactions that do not require follow-up can be set to Auto-Complete. What a time savings!
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