Medical Lockbox

Streamline your receivables with a medical lockbox designed specifically for healthcare

We help healthcare entities transition from paper to electronic processing for paper EOBs, patient payments, and correspondence. Eliminate error-prone and routine manual processes; opening, sorting, scanning mail, and making deposits. Enjoy the convenience of all images of checks and remittances in a central web portal.

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Medical Lockbox

Reduce liability and transition from paper to electronic

Medical Lockbox is specifically designed for healthcare providers. All remittances are routed to a PO box set up for each client. Once the mail is received, our highly trained lockbox production staff verify, sort, scan, and process all payments and correspondence. Being bank agnostic, our Medical Lockbox can deposit to the client’s bank of choice. All images and data captured are routed to the MediStreams platform for the desired services.

Key Benefits:

  • Creates an organized process for receipt of all mail
  • Scans and verifies check information
  • Daily reports that include total deposit amount, plus check and payment information for each transaction
  • Increases cash flow and decreases administrative costs


Innovative system platform designed for fast deployment of customer setups and customization.

Web portal for convenient and secure access to your images and data. Includes a ten-year retention.

Store, index and work correspondence on line with access to all document images that are not directly associated with a payment.

Administrative module for Admins for user setup, maintenance and assignment of features and tasks for each user.

Reports available for access to all data received through the system.

MediStreams gives us the flexibility to bring on new clients without having to dedicate resources, or hire someone new, in order to post payments. Now we simply incorporate the new client into our existing process and let MediStreams do all of the heavy lifting."
Medical Billing Company
Many of the enhancements made to the system are direct results of our requests. MediStreams listens and provides a collaborative and consultative approach to solve issues."
Physician group

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